Finding Myself 

The Third Mainland Bridge reminds me of Christ on the cross, sandwiched between two men of contrasting fortunes. One heading for the gilded streets of Heaven, the other resolutely headed for the crackling fires of Hell. Both men unified and split by the very thing which brings them together. Fate. On one side of theContinue reading “Finding Myself “

The Bus Driver.

It is Seven thirty p.m.  Tuesday evening and I am done with work. As I begin to stash my belongings into my backpack and wait impatiently for my system to shut down, I notice the sky is the exact shade of black I always imagined it would be on the day the world ends. JetContinue reading “The Bus Driver.”


 Photo by Karthikeyan K on Unsplash Each time I go to CMS as I scurry along city streets brimming with unwashed bodies hidden beneath  foul intentions and layers of cheap perfume and oversized clothing, I see her, my albatross. Her eyes light up with recognition and she begins her approach, hair fluttering in the breeze of the marina,Continue reading “Albatross”