Notes to Me from Me


  1. God is not useful in emergency situations alone. He is not Bruce Wayne. Prayers are not Batsignals.
  2. Life isn’t math, which you were never good at. Things aren’t supposed to add up.
  3. Life is Tetris. Things won’t always fall in the right place.
  4. Love is a beautiful thing. Try it sometime, maybe 2018.
  5. There is nothing idyllic about responsibility.
  6. Mothers are a gift we don’t deserve and do not appreciate enough.
  7. Money is important.
  8. Money is important. (Not a mistake).
  9. The strongest thing a man can do is cry- Jay Z. There’s nothing cool about emotionlessness.
  10. People always leave.
  11. Igbo girls are magic.
  12. Keeping in touch is hard work.
  13. It is okay to put yourself first. Sometimes, selfishness is self-preservation.
  14. In 2018, take yourself seriously. ‘Na who wear cloth dem they carry go Mr. Biggs’- The Vunderkind.
  15. People are not as happy as they look in pictures.
  16. Sometimes it is not what you say, it is how you say it.
  17. Never get so used to applause that you begin to mistake criticism for hate.
  18. Potential and waste often co-exist. Just look at your country.
  19. Nigeria will not kill you in Jesus name.
  20. Give yourself gifts.
  21. Learn how to dance.
  22. “I have no regrets” is a useless thing to say.
  23. Never give false praise. Compliments are not a substitute for confetti.
  24. Awareness of existence doesn’t equate understanding of the concept. There are more idiots on the Internet than anywhere else.
  25. It is easy to criticise that which you haven’t done. Cc: President Buhari
  26. Humans are bothersome creatures. There’s a reason God put off creating them for so long.
  27. People do not appreciate you as much as they want to get from you. Stay woke.
  28. Learn to say no.
  29. People do not need advice as much as they want to hear the sound of someone else’s voice agreeing with them. “I need your opinion” is often “I need you to agree with me” in disguise.
  30. A sense of entitlement is a useless thing to have.
  31. Some people don’t want to see you lose or win. They just don’t want to see you do better than them.
  32. There is a Linkin Park song for every mood.
  33. Jose Mourinho is a hypocrite.
  34. Pre-2010 Kanye is good Kanye.
  35. Nuff said.

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